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Apartments Erodios

In association with 'Dikelas Dive Center' we offer you something you'll never forget. !!!
Admire the wonders of south Evia's sea up close.Swim with fish or catch a ride with a dolphin. The morphology of Karystos sea, makes almost each beach a separate Dive Site. Ideally for either Shore Diving or Boat Diving.
Our Dive centre has brand new Dive equipment and covers:
Filling of air tanks. Hiring of Scuba diving equipment. Organized training education. PADI Programs for all levels

The Dimosari Gorge

One of the most attractive and effortless routes that snakes up to the heart of Mount 'Ochi'. Being characterized as a great conservation of natural environment and affiliated in the 'Natura' organization, the Dimosari Gorge which commands the view of the Aegean Sea, is one of the most remarkable gorges in Greece. Each week downhill walks are organized. Gurgling waters, lush environment, chestnut and oak trees, endemic plants, even bird-watching (eco-tourists can discover rare species of birds), make this 5-hour descend towards the coast of Kallianos a lifetime experience.



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